Valemount Entertainment Society

The Entertainment Society IS over the air television in Valemount. [translation: Over the Air television, is the kind you pick up with an antenna, not satellite or cable] For years we've been providing rebroadcast services (that means repeating channels from closeby cities) and more importantly, running a community channel. You can see a schedule here. We broadcast 7 channels and 3 radio stations but the community television channel is the important bit. All of these services are paid for by local taxpayers annually through land taxes. As of 2013 our signal is also carried by Bell and Telus Satellite Networks on channel 653.

The community station, VCTV (officially CHVC-TV 7) is broadcast on VHF Channel 7, 24 hours a day. Community television is a riot as I hope you will see in the videos we have posted here.

Our goal is to involve the community in meaningful quality television production. VCTV also does stuff like keep the community up to date with upcoming announcements, community information, weather forecasts and road conditions.

This is a good time to mention that the society is run by volunteers, long suffering volunteers who have dedicated a LOT of time to keeping this enterprise going. They make decisions and set the course for the society and the provision of over the air television services in Valemount.

Now you might be asking yourself, why doesn't my community have vibrant community television?

The answer is pretty clear: Your community isn't as cool as Valemount.

But don't feel sad. You've got options. You could move here.

Valemount LIVE!

Valemount LIVE! was a community television fake news program. But, not exactly. Well, yes it is. Ummm... It had stuff like interviews and goings on and stuff, you know? We also had a regular columnist named Zachary who was our foreign correspondent. He was pretty young, but he did a good job.

We also did other stuff, but what you really need to know is that we really really want you to watch it, even though it's just old tired reruns right now. Oh yeah, we also had musical guests. Ummm... other stuff too.

Pictured above are former anchors Anne Marie Scott and Jody Newham, they were super great. Now we've got no idea what we're going to do. It's not like people have ever tuned in for quality journalism, without these ladies we're in big trouble. It might be a good time to get involved and start a show of equivalent quality, but with your involvement!

Emergency Radio 104.1 FM

In the event of a prolonged power outage or similar catastrophe where traditional communications are impossible or impractical, our society has the ability to use fm radio to provide critical messages to the people of Valemount. Keep a small battery powerered radio for this purpose (with good batteries), however a working car stereo will do the trick too. During the emergency, CISN Country will be preempted on 104.1 FM.